Is CBD Oil Legal in Arizona

Everything You Need to Know About CBD Oil

CBD Oil – Is It Legal in Arizona?

The good news is that yes, CBD oil is legal in the state of Arizona. Anyone who’s done research on medical cannabis will tell you that CBD has therapeutic potential. You can read more about the benefits of CBD in our blog which includes lots of information about the different forms it takes, the effects, and its compound. If you think that CBD oil might be right for you, then you should give it a try. CBD oil is one of the most popular methods for beginners because of how flexible and easy it is to use.

The first thing you need to do is figure out how to go about buying the oil in Arizona legally. It’s not as hard as you might think.

First off, let’s get some of the tough legal stuff out of the way. On the federal level, growing hemp is illegal because it is physically the same plant as cannabis. And, growing cannabis is still illegal on the federal level as well. It’s different with industrial hemp, however. Industrial hemp has less than 3% of CBD and THC in it which makes it legal to own when it’s imported from other countries around the globe. Plus, CBD is not listed as a controlled substance – the oil can be extracted from hemp to use or sell in all 50 states.

This is why CBD oil is legal to buy in Arizona as is Medical Marijuana.

Do I Need a Prescription?

Absolutely not.

Because CBD can be extracted from imported hemp, it can be purchased as an oil, candles, or topical treatments with no prescription required.

Technically, you don’t really need a prescription to purchase THC Oils in AZ or marijuana either. Arizona has a medical marijuana program that requires a recommendation from your doctor to apply and be approved by the AZ Department of State. These patients never receive prescriptions for marijuana from their doctors because this could put their licenses at risk for recommending a product that’s federally illegal. So they sign off on a recommendation instead, which allows the patient to monitor their progress, learn how to medicate, and determine their own dosage.

Where Can I Get CBD Oil?

You can get CBD oil wherever it’s sold, but it’s important to note that not all CBD oils are the same. Some people extract it themselves by using inexpensive chemical extracts and purging methods which are questionable. These oils might look the same as high-grade CBD oil, but if not made properly, can be quite harmful to humans. Lower-grade CBD oil is often mixed or cut with tap water, vegetable glycerin, or propylene glycol to increase its volume at the expense of its effectiveness.

To ensure that you’re getting high-quality, safe CBD oil, it’s best to buy it from a trustworthy vendor who has an excellent reputation for safety and quality. One place you can do that is at Harvest of Tucson, located in Tucson, Arizona. We keep the best-quality CBD oil in stock. It’s 100% pure and always extracted safely.

Contact us online or visit our store to talk to an associate about our CBD oil. We’ll make sure you are confident with your first purchase and we will even show you how to use it. Don’t forget to visit with one of our clinicians while you’re here to purchase an AZ medical marijuana card too.

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